hi! i'm rex (he/they). i develop websites, so if you have a site i could code, send me an email at rex@j2nku.club :)

here's some sites i've made:

https://annamariliivrand.ee —— 2023
website for artist Anna Mari Liivrand.
design by Jojome Studio.

thefiligreeembassy.com —— 2022
website/blog for The Filigree Embassy.
design by Linda Beumer.

ulfsak.com —— 2022
portfolio website for artist Johanna Ulfsak.
design by Elisabeth Klement.

thebutchtapes.com —— 2022
website for The Butch Tapes
design by me, rex.

orchidelirium.ee —— 2022
website for the Estonian pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale.
design by Laura Pappa.

kodanikpost.xyz —— 2021
portfolio website for film editor Moonika Põdersalu.
design by Ran-Re Reimann.

artishokbiennale.com/ab2020 —— 2020
website for the 7th Artishok biennale.
design by Brit Pavelson.

🌈 i also make graphics for fun projects, so hit me up if you have an idea. or let's go skate.